Missing on the RMS Majestic


Two nights only! May 10th to be held at the Holiday Inn, 101 W Springbrook Drive, Johnson City and May 18th to be held at The Emporium, 146 Broad Street, Kingsport. This event includes interesting characters, alibis, shade throwing, and intrigue but only one correct answer from the clues/puzzles provided. Can you figure it out? Set in 1923 aboard the White Star Line’s RMS Majestic cruise ship, you will meet fellow cruise guests and members of the crew that have unique ideas about what happened to Mr. Bates. They will provide you with puzzles to help you deduce his fate. Mixed with human emotions, motives, and a back story, this event is truly one of a kind! Oh and don’t forget dinner! This catered event will feature a full meal with choice of meat, vegetables, salad, bread, dessert, and drink!